Monday, August 12, 2019

General Motors Company Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

General Motors Company Management - Essay Example GM is regarded as one of the foremost leaders in the automobile industry which became much interested in implementing the technology of lean manufacturing for fulfilling its expected business targets. In the early 1980s, GM observed the execution of the Toyota Production System by several Japanese auto manufacturers. Thus, GM became much interested in the implementation of the same. In the year 1994, GM negotiated with Toyota and adopted the practice of lean manufacturing technology (the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2003). The execution of the technique relating to lean manufacturing had marked a significant success within GM. The technology certainly enhanced the quality of the products that the company manufactured along with served to the customers and most significantly enhanced the profitability of the organization. Discussion The implementation of lean manufacturing technique has provided GM with numerous benefits. It supported the organization in terms of qua lity improvement, cost reduction, increased volume of sales and also control of production related aspects with the aim of meeting customers’ needs. ... It can be apparently observed that relating to the execution of lean manufacturing based technique at Lansing Grand River Assembly (LGRA) plant of GM, the technique supported the organization to control production and comply with varied customer demands by a greater degree. This can be justified with reference to the fact that the worldwide manufacturing tactics of GM focused on enhancing product quality along with plant productivity in manufacturing world-class vehicles. These tactics eventually supported GM towards controlling its different production techniques and most importantly meeting demands of its customers conveniently (the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 2003). Thus, after the implementation of all the above-discussed strategies that can be associated with lean manufacturing technology, it can be affirmed that the organization is quite able to satisfy the needs of the customers through controlling the material costs of the vehicles. It can be apparently obs erved that GM not only controlled the procedure of overproduction but also satisfied the demands of the customers through lessening costs and delivering products on time. After the invention of lean manufacturing techniques, most of the automotive-based organizations observed the rise of competition in their respective businesses. It has been viewed in this regard that the competitive position of the Japanese automotive organizations reduced due to the adoption of lean technology by the companies belonging to the US. This is owing to the reason that the average time taken in the production of vehicles in the US is quite lesser i.e.16.6 hours in comparison with that of Japan.  

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